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Axenics is a leading provider of metal and plastic contract manufacturing services and specializes in providing simple and complex manufacturing solutions across a range of industries. Our certified staff is capable of producing complex assemblies, gas boxes and gas delivery systems, as well as specialty piping kits for a variety of industrial applications.

High Quality

Our technicians are dedicated to consistently delivering 100% high-quality products to each of our clients. We test and inspect all of our products for quality and integrity. Many of our customers started working with us to do component manufacturing and/or mechanical assembly, and now come to us for total system integration services as a result of the high quality of products and service they received.

Experts in Contract Manufacturing

With contract manufacturing, Axenics is able to offer a variety of manufacturing services on one stage, saving our customers time and resources. Companies across many industries come to Axenics to order a single part or a complete system. Because our services are performed in our Class 100 cleanroom, high purity levels are guaranteed. In addition, by having Axenics do all of the testing, inspecting and certification processes, our customers can lower overall production costs and eliminate testing and inspections at their location.

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Contact Manufacturing

Class 100 Cleanroom

Our Class 100 Cleanroom allows us to provide a high-purity setting for performing manufacturing services that require a contaminant-free environment.

Axenics Class 100 Cleanroom

Contract Manufacturing Q&A

What’s the difference between contract manufacturing and component manufacturing?

When it comes to seeking products and components for manufacturing processes, many OEM companies will use the terms contract manufacturing and component manufacturing interchangeably. Yet there are distinct differences in these two types of services.

Component manufacturing: when individual metal and plastic components are made for a system. The manufacturing service uses simple techniques that include weldments, tubes for assemblies, and manifolds. Often, component manufacturing is a one-time service for a specific project.

Contract manufacturing: when simple and complex assemblies and subassemblies are created. There are a range of assemblies that a contract manufacturer may create, such as prototype assemblies for product development projects, cleanroom assemblies to eliminate contaminants on parts, gas box and gas delivery assemblies, and skid builds that contain electrical components and wiring. Contract manufacturing also can provide specialty piping services for projects repeatedly over a long length of time.

What services does contract manufacturing include?

Each contract manufacturing company offers their own specialized services based on their capabilities and the industries who contract them. Axenics provides the following for OEM chemical, life science, semiconductor and alternative energy industries:

  • Supplementary design services
  • Prototyping services with design verification and validation
  • Manufacturing services
  • Finished products

Some of the work we provide based on the project may include CNC tube bending, manual bending, metal welding (orbital and TIG), tube cutting, plastic welding, tube brazing, and specialty piping kits. We also offer component manufacturing as well as mechanical assembly services.

How to choose a good contract manufacturer?

Before searching out a contract manufacturer, you want to determine what specific manufacturing goals you are trying to achieve, and how the manufacturer will provide the right solutions to address your company’s challenges. Once you fully understand your goals, then you can perform the right background checks and ask the appropriate questions to partner with a good contract manufacturing company. Some things to look for in a contract manufacturer may include:

  • Appropriate equipment and personnel investment: This ensures that the contract manufacturer is capable of offering the services they claim to provide.
  • Industry specialization: always look for a contract manufacturer who specializes in your specific industry project as they will have the equipment, knowledge and capabilities available.
  • Financially stable: Since you are searching for a long-term partnership with the contract manufacturer, look for one that knows how to handle their profits and growth so they will be there to help you for the long haul.
  • Commitment to success: You don’t want a company that just does the bare minimum in work projects, customer services, or for their own financial goals. A good contract manufacturer will be committed to reaching success in all their endeavors and will want their partner to reach similar success in their goals.

How can contract manufacturing help with new product development?

Engineers employed with contract manufacturers can help OEM industries tackle the complexities of new product creation. They can figure out the specifications of the product, whether it is feasible for the product to complete its given task, and what type of performance requirements are needed for the product. The contract manufacturer will also be able to prototype the product and perform testing right in their facilities before the final production run is initiated.

When to use contract manufacturing?

Contract manufacturing is ideal for OEM industries that simply don’t have the time, equipment or space in their existing operations to perform the project and assembly work themselves. It is also ideal to partner with contract manufacturers when you need tube bending, welding and leak testing services in clean room conditions if you don’t want contaminants negatively impacting products.

How to choose between contract manufacturing and direct investment?

One way to decide is to figure out if you are looking for future scalability in your projects and product development. Sometimes a company may be able to directly invest in equipment and expertise now, but it would be too costly for them in the future when trying to introduce new product lines. Contract manufacturers can be the scalable solution these OEM manufacturers need to keep overhead costs low while staying competitive in their industry.

How to find a medical device contract manufacturer

Search for a contract manufacturer who specializes in medical device manufacturing and the quality assurance standards that are required for the medical industry. Since plastics are often the main material for devices, the contract manufacturer will need to have expertise in working with plastics to perform the necessary tube bending, cutting, welding, assemblies and gas delivery systems. The contract manufacturer should also be capable of offering clean room services to eliminate contamination to product components.

From a single part to a complex system, Axenics can meet your contract manufacturing needs. Contact us to talk to a manufacturing specialist today.

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