Axenics has some of the most experienced TIG and orbital welding staff in the New England area. Each of our welding staff members are expertly trained and certified to ensure optimal performance. Our technicians perform a variety of custom fabrication for stainless steel and many different types of plastic weldments, including; valves, solenoids, pneumatics, piping assemblies, and more. Our certified welders are capable of producing high quality weldments from sizes ranging from 1/8 of an inch all the way up to six inches in diameter.

Benefits of Welding

Welding is widely used due to its affordability and repeatability. It also makes a system more attractive due to the absence of multiple of fittings which create a bulkier and less streamlined overall system. Weldments also take up less space in an assembly environment vs. components that are joined together with additional fittings.

Custom Weldments

Axenics understands that every industry has unique needs and challenges, and has therefore developed effective techniques for producing weldments in all shapes and sizes of configurations. Axenics also produces weldments requiring unique flow requirements upon request. Learn more about our engineering and design services.

Axenics weldments

Metal Weldments

Our highly trained and certified technicians are well-qualified to perform high purity metal welding across several industries. Each technician is certified to the processes which they perform, and every one of our production staff is cross trained for orbital welding. All of our hand welders are certified as well.

Plastic Weldments

Axenics specializes in processing unique plastic weldments using a highly repeatable and clean process for a variety of industries. Our plastic configurations are something few other manufactures have the ability to do. Everything Axenics is capable of producing with metals can also be done with several different types of plastics.

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