Tube Assemblies

Axenics has developed a stellar reputation for being a trusted supplier of tube assemblies to several different manufacturing industries. Our team of certified technicians are capable of performing a range of tube assemblies consisting of stainless steel as well as various types of plastics.


Axenics excels in providing metal tube assemblies for the semiconductor industry, each of which contain a combination of welded tees and elbows. Axenics recognizes that the majority of stainless steel tube assemblies we manufacture are commonly used for carrying high purity gasses and must be kept exceptionally clean throughout all steps of the manufacturing process. The stainless steel tubing we use is typically electropolished internally and sealed in plastic bags prior to being shipped to Axenics by a tubing supplier, and issued directly to Axenics Class 100 cleanroom to ensure the integrity of the process.”. Axenics also works with copper, Inconel, aluminum, hastelloy and other metals. 


Our certified plastics specialists have developed proven methods for efficiently joining plastic tubing for the development of simple and complex tube assemblies. Many of our plastic tube assemblies are produced in Axenics’ Class 100 clean rooms to ensure that no contaminants are introduced during the process. The majority of our plastic tubing contains raw tubing that has been purchased, professionally cleaned and bagged by the supplier, just as with our stainless steel tubing, in order to prevent any contamination prior to the production process at Axenics.

Tube Assembly example

Custom Tube Assemblies

Axenics provides custom fabrication, design fabrication and prototype tube assemblies such as valves, solenoids, pneumatic and flow restriction devices and additional unique types of fittings upon request. Some of the industries we serve require tube assemblies involving complex bending only, with no valves, solenoids, pneumatic, flow restriction or types of end fittings required.

Electromechanical Tube Assemblies

Electromechanical tube assemblies are another variation of product that Axenics offers as well. These can come in any shape or size with wiring harnesses and read to be installed into larger assemblies. Our experts are able to create just about any type of tube assembly that you could imagine. Learn more about our engineering and design services.

Benefits of Assembly Services

By working with a contract manufacturing company that offers end-to-end solutions for assembly services, you can effectively lower costs and improve production quality. Download our PDF to learn more.

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