One of the core products offered at Axenics include both simple and complex manifolds, which can be produced to meet the exacting standards required across a wide range of industrial applications. Axenics takes pride in our ability to produce manifolds in both stainless steel as well as several types of plastics. The design and fabrication of the manifolds we produce can vary greatly depending on their usage. As Axenics supplies manifolds for several different business sectors, each of the manifolds we produce must meet strict quality specifications and criteria required within their respective industry.

Experts in Manifolds

When manifolds contain valves, solenoids or pneumatics, they are usually required to adhere to certain flow criteria as well. This means that the internal areas of the manifolds must be free of any restrictions that may be caused by improper welding techniques. Improper welding can lead to the development of weld drop-thru (an undesirable sagging or surface irregularity), or other unseen obstructions.

When working in such a diverse environment it is essential to have cross-trained technicians that are able to handle multiple tasks throughout the process of building these manifolds. Because our staff is highly trained and certified on the manifold operations they perform, we can ensure the use of proper welding techniques and prevent unwanted deformities within our manifolds.

The professionalism of the work force at Axenics is a key element in keeping our standards high, while eliminating the need for excessive checks and balances that can become costly to the manufacturing process.

Axenics employee working on manifold

Simple and Complex Manifolds

The manifolds produced by Axenics’ certified technicians may consist of a very simple design with no bends and little or no details, or they may be more complex. Our complex manifolds may exhibit multiple bends and/or include multiple details and end fittings.

Engineering and Design Services

Complex manifolds usually consist of various valves, solenoids, pneumatics, or flow restrictors, and are generally considered to be custom fabrication or design fabrication manufacturing. Learn more about our engineering and design services.

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