Component Manufacturing

Axenics provides effective metal and plastic component manufacturing solutions consisting of simple weldments, manifolds and tube assemblies, to a wide variety of OEM. Everything we do with metals, we can do with plastics, and the majority of our products can be built to your specifications. Our expert technicians are dedicated to producing high quality, reliable assemblies that are ready for installation.

High Quality

Because our staff is certified and trained to understand and meet industry specifications, the quality of our product is consistently high. Axenics maintains a very low incidence of customer-returned parts, and a quality rating of 99%. We invest in the right people and train them to receive the right certifications required to work on specific projects within certain industries, and we cross train all of our production staff to provide the highest level of service possible.

Competitive Pricing

Many of our vendors provide us with special contract pricing, which gives us a cost advantage in the industry. We have a professional purchasing team with many years of experience, who can source any special requests that may come from a customer.


Axenics guarantees simple project quotes within 24-48 hours, and more complex quotes can typically be turned around within 7-10 days. Simpler projects can often be completed within 2-3 weeks, and more complex projects can take anywhere from 16-18 weeks or longer based on material availability and the size of the system.

Experts in Component Manufacturing

Our facility space offers (20,000 square feet combined), advanced equipment and certified personnel allows us to contribute to more efficient designs in our expertise areas, and to source components more efficiently and cost effectively than others within our industry. The low cost, high purity level and secure safety standards at which we operate allow us to provide our customers with the most economical solutions to their needs.

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Axenics recommends the Kanban system for many of our contract manufacturing customers. Lead time and cost can be greatly reduced and dock dates are consistently met, using this supply chain control method.

Lower Costs and Improve Quality

Learn how moving from component manufacturing to complex assemblies can solve common problems in a variety of industries.

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