Axenics is dedicated to supporting our aerospace customers by fabricating precise tubing assemblies. We understand the complex and stringent requirements and regulations of the aerospace industry. We use the most advanced technologies and impeccably-maintained facilities in order to consistently provide high-purity solutions.

Certified Solutions

All of our solutions meet the strict regulations set forth by the industry. We hold an active Nadcap certification in welding, which includes the AC7004 quality system, developed by the Performance Review Institute (PRI). This certification qualifies Axenics to serve Tier One, Tier Two, and Tier Three companies in the aerospace industry. We provide manual TIG welding and Orbital welding solutions where a skilled operators and programmable machines are critical in meeting industry specifications.

Meeting Industry Needs

Our certified technicians perform manufacturing services that result in the most efficient, precise and clean services possible. Our staff works with a variety of high purity and chemical resistant metals and plastics that are ideal for meeting the unique demands of the aerospace industry.

Quality Testing Services

As with all of the manufacturing services Axenics offers, all of our aerospace solutions include our standard testing services. In addition, many of our aerospace products are X-Ray tested and FPI (Fluorescent Penetrate Inspection) tested upon request.

Aerospace welding services

To find out how Axenics can help provide a solution for reducing costs and space requirements for your aerospace applications, contact us today.

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Nadcap Welding

We perform Nadcap welding services for the aerospace industry, both commercial and military, in addition to related industries as required. Axenics will also certify to your process upon request.

NADCAP Certification

Axenics maintains the Nadcap D17.1 certification. Our manual and orbital tig welding processes are covered under the Aerospace Quality System AC7004.