Engineering Services

Product Engineering Team

Our product engineering team is made up of expertly skilled mechanical and electrical engineers. All of our engineers are continually trained on the latest technology to ensure we provide the highest quality of services at all times.

Mechanical Engineers

Our mechanical engineers use AutoCAD and SolidWorks 3D design software, beginning with conceptual sketches and progressing toward more elaborate models. They have experience with complex mechanisms, machine design, medical disposables, machine vision, and other cutting edge technologies. They create and test prototypes and manufacture initial units for design verification testing.

Electronic Engineers

Our electronic engineers create electronic systems for circuit design, spectroscopy systems, temperature sensors, motor controls, robotics, analog and digital communications, power supply, and other data acquisition, processing, and controls. They each have significant controls experience using: PLCs, microprocessors, and other digital acquisition systems. All electronic components are integrated with custom software using LabView, C+, and other programming languages.

Technological Capabilities



LabView C+

Axenics Engineering Capabilities

Highly Skilled Engineers

Advanced Technology

30+ years of Experience

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