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AI Helping Semiconductor Manufacturing Services to Thrive

The continuing acceleration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is keeping the manufacturing industry humming along. AI is computer processes that simulate our ability to make decisions, learn and use logic. AI chips utilize lots of power for comprehension data processing. The complex nature of AI chips – which are generally larger in size than thoseRead more

What Happens in a Class 100 Cleanroom?

In the component manufacturing world, there’s dirty work and clean work. Currently, there is a lot of the latter at Axenics with the current demand for clean room welding. Axenics operates a Class 100 cleanroom at its facility in Nashua, New Hampshire. Inside the cleanroom, the team of expert technicians performs high-purity welding and orbitalRead more

Contract Manufacturing Companies Provide Prototype Assemblies for New Design Innovations

To remain competitive in the manufacturing sector, OEM companies are constantly introducing new product lines to appeal to customers or extend reach in the marketplace. However, these new product lines can put manufacturers in a design and engineering bind. New product lines require the development of the machinery, equipment and other complex assemblies to createRead more

tig welding

Manufacturing Metals: Tube Welding, Tube Bending and Specialty Piping Kits

When it comes to manufacturing processes, there are a variety of metal components making up equipment and machine systems. The tubes will need to be bent and welded to accurate specifications to handle the intense pressures and loads they experience. In addition, different types of tubing may need to be joined effectively so welded areasRead more

Cleanroom welding

Why Cleanliness Matters with Component Manufacturing

Name one thing that can bring your manufacturing processes to a screeching halt. For most companies, the main issue they experience is product quality. Semiconductor fabricators, medical device producers, chemical plants and alternative energy industries require the highest quality materials and efficient machinery processes to provide the quality products that their clients require. Yet oneRead more

Precision tube bending for gas boxes

Engineering Services: How to Move Gas in a Small Space

Semiconductor manufacturing facilities often find themselves up against a number of operational challenges, some of which cause repercussions that are challenging to fix. One of these is the ability to move gas within a small space. On any given day, the industry employs a variety of different gases in production processes—some of which can beRead more


Component Manufacturing: Exploring Manifold Types and Benefits

Complex manifolds are typically made up of valves, solenoids, pneumatics, or flow restrictors, and are considered to be a subset of custom fabrication or design fabrication manufacturing. Manifolds offer a variety of benefits when included in a simple or complex assembly. Whether simple or complex, manifold assemblies offer a centralized location for connecting multiple valvesRead more

Exploring Weldments: Shielding Gases and Welding Processes

At Axenics, we specialize in Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW), also known as Tungsten Inert Gas, or TIG Welding. We perform this type of welding because it allows for accurate, repeatable and refined welding, and is therefore ideal for projects where there is a need for high quality and precision. Many industries require high purityRead more

Medical component manufacturing

Choosing the Right Medical Component Manufacturing Company

Medical device manufacturing companies today face a variety of challenges when it comes to meeting product demands in the industry. Each component of the medical devices they produce must meet high standards of quality, dependability and accuracy. Therefore, it’s critical for these companies to choose the right medical component supplier to help them develop theRead more